A retrospect on 2021
31 December 2021

A retrospect on 2021

No one could have predicted that the past year would be so turbulent. Stable factors have been disturbed, which has led to much uncertainty. At Wagenborg Nedlift, we are not daunted by this. We continue to build on our expertise and capabilities, together with our employees, customers and partners. On the eve of 2022, we look back.


Concrete girders Brailleweg

'Aanpak Ring Zuid' is the project name for the large-scale conversion of Groningen's southern ring road.


Part of the project is the construction of a new viaduct in the A28 highway crossing Brailleweg. Late January, 25 prefab concrete girders were transported to the site and put in place for this purpose.


The entire operation went without a hitch and earned a nice compliment from the client, Combinatie Herepoort!


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'Round-the-World Journey' from Wijhe to Woerden

For the transport of the new Kwakel bridge deck, the transport specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift came up with a clever solution: transporting the bridge deck vertically. This avoided the need for extensive traffic measures along the route, while saving trees at the same time.


An elegant solution that combines sustainability with efficiency!


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Sustainable milestone

The jacking specialists put into operation a new computer-controlled jacking system. With this new system, objects up to 2,400 tonnes can be lifted and lowered. 


The new jacks are controlled by multifunctional hydraulic power packs, driven by electric motors. This ensures quiet and clean work!


The jacking system is designed for the use of bamboo jacking beams and makes optimum use of the power of these beams.


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Two ESTA Awards!

At the annual meeting of the ESTA Awards, Wagenborg Nedlift won two awards!


The project ‘Small but powerful does it, for a great result’ won the award in the category up to 120 tons. For this project, a 10 tons filter press unit was positioned onto a platform inside a process building.


The second Award winner was the SPMT transport job of the aft ship of MV Maxima, Royal Wagenborgs latest EasyMax2 multipurpose cargo carrier.


"WagenborgOnline makes my work easier!”

More and more clients discover how convenient WagenborgOnline is. With WagenborgOnline, developed by Wagenborg Nedlift, determination of the right crane for a job is very easy and quick and a crane reservation is done easily. 


Read the (Dutch) interview with Jan Lankamp, project supervisor at Ter Steege Bouw Vastgoed in Rijssen, NL. 



Sustainable crane fleet

Royal Wagenborg and Liebherr Nederland B.V. are joining forces to considerably rejuvenate and to augment the sustainability of Wagenborg Nedlift's crane fleet in the coming years. This way, the existing collaboration between both family companies will be strengtened further. 


'This partnership proves our long-term focus on the challenge of reducing our footprint, together with our suppliers', says Gerard Bastiaansen, managing director of Wagenborg Nedlift. 'With this co-operation, we not only opt for equipment that best meets our customer requirements; at the same time, we also reduce significant amounts of nitrogen and CO2.'


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Five for Vierverlaten

In Vierverlaten (Groningen, NL), five massive transformers, each with a weight of 335 tonnes, were transported to the new high-voltage station. A masterpiece in heavy transport and lifting, which was carried out amid great interest


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Foto: Ralf Clausen
Foto: Ralf Clausen


Bridge Münster

The old Wolbeckerstrasse-bridge in Münster has been removed via a sailing operation and was dismantled by the bridge specialists of Wagenborg Nedlift. 


Previously, they already took care of the installation of the new bridge crossing the Dortmund Ems canal. Read the full story of this extraordinary operation!


Museum finds a new home

In the course of 2021, Oyfo (formerly Techniekmuseum) moved to the Hazemeijer, a monumental industry complex in Hengelo within walking distance of the railway station. The ideal place to connect technology, heritage, dance, music, theatre and visual arts.


The move of the technology museum to the new location was a special event and the Wagenborg Nedlift team was there!


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Mastery in Meeden

The meeden high-voltage substation has existed for 50 years and is an important link in the power supply for the Netherlands. From meeden, there is also a connection to a high-voltage substation in Germany. The increase in electricity transmission via this interconnector requires the addition of three new 380 kV phase shifters at the Meeden substation.


The transport of these giants was a fine job for the Wagenborg Nedlift transport team. 


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Cross-border bridgework

The railway bridges over the river Oder at Küstrin, on the German-Polish border, are being replaced by a brand new bridge that completely spans the Oder river. The old bridges are removed via an ingenius sailing operation where the specialists of Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Sleepdienst joined forces. 


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Strong and durable

Wagenborg Nedlift has expanded its road plates range with a new composite variant. These ISOTRACK X road plates are produced from high-quality thermoplastic material, making them exceptionally strong, durable and lightweight. They can also be linked together with a handy connector pin system, thus creating a continuous, non-slip surface with a high load-bearing capacity. 


Moreover, these composite road plates perform better than conventional ones when it comes to pressure distribution.


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