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  • Zero Accidents

  • Safety awareness

  • Learn from eachother

Zero Accidents

THAT is the safety objective Wagenborg Nedlift strives to achieve. To realise this, we commit to: 


  • report, investigate, evaluate and provide feedback on risk situations and (near-)incidents

  • promote safety awareness and safety behaviour at all levels of the organisation

  • systematic organization of safety and quality

Reporting, research and more

Inform, report and register: all of this is done digitally with the help of Wagenborg Nedlift’s More safety app. 


Staff will receive the latest safety information and instructions via the More app. Forms, such as the tool box form, can easily be completed and sent via the app, as well as reports of (near-)incidents, including pictures of the local situation. All information is sent immediately in order to enable executives and the HSEQ staff to react promptly and adequately to the reported issue. 


The MORE app is connected to Wagenborg Nedlift's Quality Registration System (QRS). Registration, analysis, evaluation and reporting of all HSEQ data takes place here. 

Safety awareness and behaviour

Safety awareness and behaviour are crucial to a safe working environment. Wagenborg Nedlift enters into a dialogue with its staff to discuss risks and working methods. If needed, we address issues between each other or with the people in charge at a building site, and we share ideas for improvements.


This way, safety awareness grows at all levels of the organisation and it has a positive impact on safety behaviour. 

Safety Culture Ladder (SCL)

The Safety Culture Ladder measures safety awareness and conscious safe acting (culture & behaviour). The Safety Culture Ladder consists of five steps that each show the development phase with respect to safety awareness.


Wagenborg Nedlift aims to be step-3 certified in the near future. To achieve this, we commit to:

  • structured HSEQ evaluations when doing projects

  • a focus on reporting, investigating, evaluating and providing feedback on (near-)incidents

  • sharing lessons learned internally and externally

  • optimal use of opportunities offered by the More-app

  • ensuring focus on safety at all organisational levels

  • organising meeting moments to reinforce the safety dialogue amongst us

  • Stimulate and appreciate positive safety behaviour of employees in both word and deed 

Deliberately committed

Wagenborg Nedlift’s work involves clients from various industries. With our knowledge and experience regarding safety in heavy haulage and lifting operations, we wholeheartedly contribute to safety in these sectors. 


As a consequence, Wagenborg Nedlift is an active member of the Contractor Safety Platform at Chemiepark Delfzijl and of the work group Veiligheid (Safety) of industry association VVT (Vertical Transport Association). 


In addition, Wagenborg Nedlift has endorsed the Governance Code Safety in Construction, committing ourselves to its principles and core values. Leading construction companies, clients and consultancies have joined forces in the Governance Code to reduce safety risks in the construction chain.  

Working safely with attention for the environment!

Management system and certification

The Wagenborg Nedlift Management System describes operational processes in an integrated management system, including quality, health, safety and environmental concerns.

Wagenborg Nedlift has been certified in compliance with:

  • ISO 45001 - international standard for occupational health and safety

  • ISO 9001 - international standard for quality management

  • ISO 14001- international standard for environmental management

  • VCA-Petrochemicals - safety

  • VVT- qualification system

  • Ecovadis sustainability assessment



ISO 9001/ ISO14001/ ISO45001

ISO 9001/ ISO14001/ ISO45001

VVT qualification

VVT qualification

Safety Culture Ladder

Safety Culture Ladder



Ecovadis sustainability

Ecovadis sustainability

ESTA member

ESTA member

Downloads certificates

ISO 9001

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ISO 14001

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ISO 45001

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VVT erkend

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