Wagenborg Engineering - The knowledge centre in the field of smart engineering solutions

Wagenborg Engineering is the perfect place for smart engineering solutions within the heavy transport and lifting industry. But what exactly does Wagenborg Engineering offer its customers and what makes Wagenborg Engineering so strong? We had a conversation with Thijs Nieuwenhuis, Head of Engineering at Wagenborg Engineering.

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Partnership Breman Machinery B.V. and Wagenborg Nedlift

A valuable addition to the supply chain. - For many years Wagenborg Nedlift has been a partner of Breman Machinery B.V. in Genemuiden in transporting their end products. A new light was shed on this stable collaboration this autumn: Breman Machinery B.V. manufactures the new modular support system of Wagenborg Nedlift. Together with Michel de Jong (senior project leader Wagenborg Nedlift) we had a conversation with Henk Breman (director Breman Machinery B.V.) and Sander Brouwer (General Manager Construction).

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Vopak 2000 Vlaardingen - 52 Lagertanks - 1 Terminal

Although special transports are part of our daily routine, every single project is special to us. Special in cargo, in destination, because of dimensions or special of weights. And sometimes a project combines them all and is special in every single way. This then results in a special and unique transport project like Vopak 2000 at the Vopak terminal in Vlaardingen NL).

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A solid partnership. That’s what it takes.

A look at the three-way relationship between UMCG, Visser & Smit Bouw and Wagenborg Nedlift

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"If I knew back in 2006 what I know now about your company, Wagenborg would definitely have got the contract!”

Wagenborg Nedlift has built up an excellent reputation in transporting transformers in Europe; from The Netherlands to Germany, from Scandinavia to Austria; by road, rail and sea. Projects are always safe, on schedule and completed as agreed.

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Craftsmanship crane operators is gold standard at Pontsteiger Amsterdam

Wagenborg transported and installed 4 enormous steel trusses as part of the construction of the Pontsteiger in Amsterdam. These trusses, built Almelo (NL), connect the Pontsteiger’s two luxurious residential towers.

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'A good cooperation is not just pleasant, it is also essential for a safe and successful execution of a project'


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Well thought out solution for unique circular construction project SUPERLOCAL

SUPERLOCAL is an innovative real estate project in Kerkrade-Oost, which is located in the southern part of the Netherlands. Three high-rise buildings are transformed to approx. 125 new and modern houses in a sustainable way. The projects’ ambition is to use as much materials as possible from the high-rise buildings for the construction of the new houses

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