Masterpiece in Meeden

The Meeden high-voltage substation has existed for 50 years and is an important link in the power supply for the region and the rest of the Netherlands. From Meeden, there is also a connection to a high-voltage substation in the German town of Diele, so that power can be exchanged between the Netherlands and Germany.

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Unique museum collection finds a new home

Oyfo Techniekmuseum (formerly Techniekmuseum HEIM) was founded in 1983 to present and preserve the industrial heritage of the Hengelo region. In the course of 2021, Oyfo moved to the Hazemeijer, a monumental industrial complex in Hengelo within walking distance of the station. The ideal place to connect technology, heritage, dance, music, theatre and visual arts. The move of the Technology Museum to the new location was a special event. The Wagenborg Nedlift team was there!

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The winners from Wagenborg Nedlift

Every day, the Wagenborg Nedlift team is busy with safe and professional solutions for its customers and partners, both at home and abroad. Whether it involves placing a dormer, installing a complete bridge or transporting heavy transformers, each solution is tailor-made and aims to realise the customer's project safely and within the schedule. It has certainly been noticed that the professionals from Wagenborg Nedlift can come up with technically very ingenious and inventive solutions!

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On the road with..... Roelof Dijk

The morning sun at the Wagenborg terminal in Eemshaven isn’t very warm yet. Roelof and his colleague Jacob Hollander go over the transport plan. Jacob will soon be driving the mobile crane, Roelof the semi low loader. They are going to lift a cable reel of no less than 20 tonnes from a ship and place it on the low loader. They will then transport the colossus (340 cm wide and 590 cm high) to the high-voltage location. A matter of ‘staying focused’ and careful manoeuvring.

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A mega move in Münster

Wagenborg Nedlift’s bridge specialists attracted quite a crowd mid June. A new bridge was being installed over the Dortmund-Ems Canal and the residents of Münster came out in droves to watch the work up close.

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The Köthen colossus installed!

The inhabitants of Köthen had to wait for over a year, but in mid-April the big day had finally arrived: the new Prosigker Bridge was installed.

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Floating craftmanship in Oberhausen

Work is busily underway on the Emmerich–Oberhausen rail line to expand the capacity of the line and to free up the bottlenecks. The installation of a new rail bridge over the Rhine-Herne Canal in Oberhausen, which will complement the existing four bridges, is a significant milestone in the project.

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“With a good team the work gets done like a charm”

For the past year and a half, there were a lot of developments regarding construction of the sustainable new water supply system in North-East Groningen. In addition to the creation of a new industrial water supply system, no fewer than 28 kilometres of industrial water lines and 44 kilometres of drinking water lines were installed.

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“I will be able to confidently step down when the time comes!”

Sustainability is hot. Together, we need to ensure the world we leave to the following generation is one worth having. Wagenborg Nedlift also proactively approaches this theme by consciously opting for clean equipment, such as electrically powered tower cranes, electric compact cranes, etc. At Wagenborg Nedlift, sustainability is not just about reducing CO2 emissions but also the question of how to sustainably pass on know-how from one generation to the next? How can you ensure sustainable transfer of knowledge, in order to avoid losing know-how (and therefore quality)?

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