Cross-border bridgework
16 November 2021

Cross-border bridgework

The railway bridges over the River Oder at Küstrin, on the German-Polish border, were built in 1926. In the past, these bridges connected Berlin with East and West Prussia as part of the so-called Ostbahn. This railway is still important as a detour and alternative route for the Berlin – Warsaw route. But the old railway bridges are at the end of their technical life and out of service since the end of 2020. Therefore, they are replaced by a brand new bridge that completely spans the Oder.

Sailing operation

The first part of the renovation operation involved, among other things, the removal of the two old bridges by means of a sailing operation. Wagenborg Nedlift's bridge specialists used a variety of equipment for this, including a 250-ton jacking system, a skidding system, the Modular Support System and SPMTs. A pontoon, operated by the water transport specialists of sister Wagenborg Sleepdienst, was also included.

Precise interplay

What followed was a precise interplay of vertical and horizontal displacement over land and water. The low water level of Oder was a critical factor, but despite this, the sailing operation could be carried out safely and according to plan.



Watch the project movie and pictures here!

Projectmovie: Deutsche Bahn AG/ Oliver Lang

Pictures: Deutsche Bahn AG / Volker Emersleben

Project Oderbrücke

More information on the removal and newbuilding of the railway bridges crossing river Oder: 


Project Oderbrücke Küstrin

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