Sustainable milestone: a new computer-controlled jacking system!
12 March 2021

Sustainable milestone: a new computer-controlled jacking system!

Wagenborg Nedlift recently put into operation a new computer-controlled jacking system, consisting of four climbing jack boxes, each with a 600-tonne capacity. With the new jacking system, objects of up to 2400 tonnes can be lifted and lowered.

In-house development

Wagenborg Engineering, the expertise centre of Wagenborg Nedlift in the field of heavy transport and lifting engineering, was responsible for the development and construction of the new jacking system.


The available standard systems did not adequately meet the requirements of Nedlift's jacking specialists with respect to safety and sustainability. 

Accurate, safe and sustainable

The new system looks like the traditional jacking systems that have been available for years, but nothing could be further from the truth. The jacks are packed with new technical features that make it possible to carry out jacking operations very accurately, safely and sustainably, such as:

  • built-in displacement measurement and pressure sensors, enabling the jacks to move 100% simultaneously with minimal margin. As a result, forces on the object remain optimally distributed.

  • automatic hydraulic control valve, allowing lowering of the object in a safe and extremely controlled manner.

Bamboo jacking beams

The jacking system is designed for the use of bamboo jacking beams and makes optimum use of the power of these beams.


This means that fewer beams are needed for each 'stroke' than was previously the case. This reduces the number of actions and thus the physical strain on employees.

Electrical power packs

The new jacks are controlled by multifunctional hydraulic power packs. These power packs not only control the climbing jacks but also numerous other hydraulic applications, such as a skidding system or strand jacks.


The power packs are driven by electric motors. This ensures quiet and clean work! Is there insufficient power available at the construction site? The electric power packs are equipped with double electric motors and pumps, allowing work to be carried out even at half-power.

Safe design

Using the radio remote control, the operator selects a good position with sufficient overview of the work to carry out the jacking operation safely. Via the display he can monitor the complete operation down to the last millimetre.


A sustainable and safe asset, this new computer-controlled jacking system!

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