Concrete girders installed at the Brailleweg in Groningen
26 January 2021

Concrete girders installed at the Brailleweg in Groningen

'Aanpak Ring Zuid' is the project name for the large-scale conversion of Groningen's southern ring road. Groningen's rampant growth is threatening to overwhelm this road, which is the main gateway to the city. The conversion of the southern ring road will improve accessibility, traffic flow, liveability and safety. The project is scheduled for completion by 2024.

Brailleweg viaduct

Part of the 'Aanpak Ring Zuid' project involves the installation of a new viaduct in the A28 crossing the Brailleweg. In late January, 25 prefab concrete girders were transported to the site and put in place for this purpose.

Tandem lift

Over the course of three consecutive nights, the 25 girders were trucked to the construction site, where two 500-tonne mobile cranes were waiting to take them off the lorry and hoist them into place in a tandem lift operation.

Teamwork to be proud of!

The entire operation went without a hitch and earned a nice compliment from the client, Combinatie Herepoort:

"I am very satisfied and we can all be proud of what we have accomplished yet again!"


What more is there to say...

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Pictures: Raymon Kloen

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