Unique museum collection finds a new home

Unique museum collection finds a new home

Oyfo Techniekmuseum (formerly Techniekmuseum HEIM) was founded in 1983 to present and preserve the industrial heritage of the Hengelo region. In the course of 2021, Oyfo moved to the Hazemeijer, a monumental industrial complex in Hengelo within walking distance of the station. The ideal place to connect technology, heritage, dance, music, theatre and visual arts. The move of the Technology Museum to the new location was a special event. The Wagenborg Nedlift team was there!

Delicate move

The Hazemeijer is industrial heritage and the ideal place to connect technology, heritage, dance, music, theatre and visual arts. Very fitting for a Technology Museum, but how do you move a complete museum collection to another location? Many pieces from the collection are fragile and have a unique historical value. Moving is therefore a risk. Wagenborg Nedlift's assembly specialists were called in for advice.

Team work

Together with the volunteers of the Techniekmuseum, the Wagenborg Nedlift team looked into the possibilities of moving the delicate museum pieces. For the volunteers, the move of their 'children' was a particularly exciting affair. Because they have a lot of knowledge about the museum pieces, their efforts in the preparation were very important. Because how do you go about lifting and transporting a model boat or an old telephone exchange?

Packing and ...

In close collaboration with the Wagenborg Nedlift team, the vulnerable pieces were properly secured and packed, after which facilities were installed to hold the loads. The assembly specialists use a variety of assembly equipment and techniques. The Hoeflon C10 mini crane came on site to expertly lift the small items and the stained glass windows.


The 165tm articulated telescopic crane came in handy for the larger pieces, such as an 18-ton Holec generator: this one machine could handle the loading, transport and repositioning at the new Hazemeijer location.


For example, they worked for weeks to transfer the collection.


The heaviest museum piece, a steam engine weighing over 22 tons, was loaded onto a heavy transport trailer using a 70 tonne mobile crane. A spectacular lifting and transport action!

Reportage: 1Twente Hengelo

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About Oyfo Techniekmuseum

Oyfo Techniekmuseum is an interactive museum where you learn everything about the inextricable connection and interaction between people, creativity and technology and their influence on our society and on our planet. By exploring the different zones with interactive games, you will learn everything about steam engines and smartphones. About robots and art. About energy sources and our planet. In short, everything about humans and technology.

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