Wagenborg and Liebherr are going green
21 June 2021

Wagenborg and Liebherr are going green

Royal Wagenborg and Liebherr Nederland B.V. are joining forces to considerably rejuvenate and to augment the sustainability of Wagenborg Nedlift’s crane fleet in the coming years. This way, the existing collaboration between the two family businesses will be strengthened further. “This partnership proves our long-term focus on the challenge of reducing our footprint together with our suppliers,” says Gerard Bastiaansen, Managing Director of Wagenborg Nedlift. ‘With this co-operation, we not only opt for equipment that best meets our customer requirements; at the same time, we also reduce significant amounts of nitrogen and CO2.”

Option for 25 new Liebherr machines

On top of the 450 tons capacity LTM1450-8.1, which already has been added to the Wagenborg fleet a few months ago, and the 650 tons capacity LTM1650-8.1, which was previously ordered at Liebherr, Wagenborg Nedlift also expects to receive two brand new Liebherr mobile tower cranes of the MK73-3.1 type this year. Moreover, Wagenborg has taken an option on 25 new Liebherr machines for the period from 2021 up to 2025. These cranes will replace various older mobile cranes and mobile tower cranes.

Liebherr LTM1450-8.1

Sustainability: a common goal

The new Liebherr machines are equipped with clean Stage V engines. This will result in a significant emission reduction. The rejuvenation plan of the crane fleet therefore is an important part of Wagenborg's sustainability strategy: a strategic plan with concrete sustainability objectives up to 2050. One of the objectives is to reduce CO2 emissions by 95% in the Netherlands and by 50% in the the EU. “At Liebherr, sustainability is also high on the agenda,” says Han Rekers, Managing Director of Liebherr Nederland B.V. “The confidence that Wagenborg expresses by choosing Liebherr motivates us even more and also confirms that we are on the right track when it comes to developing and producing 'clean' cranes.”

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