Small but powerful does it, for a great result
16 November 2020

Small but powerful does it, for a great result

At the HVC processing location in Dordrecht, replacement of a sludge filtering press system had to be done. The press had a weight of 10 tons and stood on a platform in one of the processing halls. This meant there was limited lifting height and space to put the cranes in place.

Compact cranes into action

Wagenborg Nedlift’s lifting specialists came up with an efficient AND sustainable solution by engaging two compact cranes that could lower the press in tandem. The plan was put into action, and Hoeflon C30 and Palfinger PK27002 compact cranes, both electrically powered, were set up in the small processing hall.


Under the supervision of an expert lifting master, the press was lifted from the platform by the two cranes and put onto a ready transport vehicle.

Vice versa

Once the platform was renovated, a new filter press was put into place a couple of weeks later, which meant the Wagenborg Nedlift team got to execute this impressive lift operation once more, this time in reverse order.


A great example of expertise and collaboration!

Watch the project pictures here!

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