Wagenborg Nedlift invests in a sustainable foundation!
15 October 2020

Wagenborg Nedlift invests in a sustainable foundation!

Traditionally, tropical hardwood (Azobé) is used for jacking operations. However, Azobé wood is a scarce natural product and so, it is not a sustainable solution. That is why Wagenborg Nedlift started looking for a better alternative.

Sustainable bamboo

After extensive research and testing, bamboo jacking beams came out as the clear winner. That is why Wagenborg Nedlift has decided to do a considerable investment in this durable, safe material.


Advantages of bamboo

  • bamboo is a sustainable and ecologically responsible product
  • a high-quality, controlled production process guarantees constant quality as well as dimensional stability
  • the bamboo beams have been independently inspected and certified by SGS
  • bamboo has better mechanical qualities than Azobé
  • bamboo jack beams are not sensitive to the weather conditions

The first projects with the new bamboo jacking material have already been completed satisfactorily by Wagenborg Nedlift’s  jacking specialists.  

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