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Smart solutions on land and water

How does a 400-tonne transformer from the factory in Germany get to its final destination in Belgium? What about a 45-meter reactor vessel from northern to southern Germany? A bridge weighing hundreds of tonnes over a canal?


An exceptional and difficult issue for you, but for our specialists it is a challenge that they are happy to take up. Thanks to their expertise and experience in the field of transport of exceptionally heavy loads over land and water, they can offer you a unique and efficient solution for your transport problem. Always reliable, always safe. This allows you to keep your promises and have satisfied customers. 

Load testing solutions

When it comes to testing lifting equipment for the offshore (wind) energy sector, there is no standard solution available. Our Wagenborg engineers have therefore developed a certified, customised load testing solution. This allows lower design factors to be used. Furthermore, with a certified load test, the maximum capacity of the lifting equipment can be used.


The test set-up is modular and therefore easy to transport. This means that we can perform the load test at any desired location at any time during the lifting tool manufacturing process.


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Square centimetre solutions

Installation or displacement of smaller equipment can be a major challenge. For example, replacing a press on a platform in a processing facility. Or the installation of a complete new production line in a dairy factory. And what if a filter unit requires installation at height through an opening in the wall?


These are all challenges our specialists in machine relocations are eager to take up. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise they are able to use the right techniques to install your equipment or to carry out your machine removal. Skilled, efficient and safe, ensuring that your production is quickly operational again and risks are reduced to a minimum.

Why clients choose us

Major project: Groningen Ring Road

Combinatie Herepoort is the construction consortium carrying out the reconstruction of the Groningen ring road. Wagenborg Nedlift has been involved in the project since the start in 2018. Project manager Harry Oudman, work planner Rick Kleiverda and supervisor Jan Dinkla talk about 5 years of the Ring Road South Project.

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Smart lifting solution in Salzbergen

Salzbergen is home to one of the oldest refineries in Germany. As early as 1860, lamp oil and lubricants were produced here. Today it is home to a technologically advanced refinery complex with modern blending, bottling and logistics facilities. A recent project saw the addition of six new storage tanks. It was up to Wagenborg Nedlift's lifting specialists to place these on their foundations.

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Mega duo on the move

The Chemelot site in Geleen aims to become Europe's first circular chemistry site by 2050, using sustainable, non-fossil raw materials and energy to produce plastics for everyday use. This transition requires adjustments to the infrastructure and facilities. Last summer, two huge storage tanks had to be transported to the site for an infrastructure project. This required the temporary closure of the A2 motorway. A major transport challenge!

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Latest news

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09 July 2024 New truck for Wagenborg Nedlift

Wagenborg Nedlift continues to invest in its equipment. Therefore, a new truck was delivered in early July.

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06 June 2024 Best Practice Guide for SPMTs

“We are grateful for the exceptional support we have received from the ESTA members” (

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01 May 2024 Future truck technicians work with sponsored Wagenborg truck

While students Reinder, Mica, Gijs, Rik and Daan were putting the finishing touches to the Cross truck on Friday afternoon, they were surprised by another truck. In this case it was a heavy-duty truck. Wagenborg Nedlift delivered a red DAF XF 105 with only 200,000 kilometres on the clock to ROC van Twente, location de Sumpel. That's a very nice one,' say the truck technicians of the future.

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