31 December 2021 A retrospect on 2021

No one could have predicted that the past year would be so turbulent. Stable factors have been disturbed, which has led to much uncertainty. At Wagenborg Nedlift, we are not daunted by this. We continue to build on our expertise and capabilities, together with our employees, customers and partners. On the eve of 2022, we look back.

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16 December 2021 Nedlift Newcomers

December is festive season and the same goes for Wagenborg Nedlift! No fewer than three new Liebherr cranes arrived at the yards in Groningen and Hengelo (in the Netherlands) and Hörstel (in Germany).

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02 December 2021 Strong and durable: the new composite road plates from Wagenborg Nedlift are here!

Wagenborg Nedlift has recently expanded its road plates range with a new composite variant. These ISOTRACK X road plates are produced from high-quality thermoplastic material, making them exceptionally strong, durable and lightweight. They can also be linked together with a handy connector pin system, thus creating a continuous, non-slip surface with a high load-bearing capacity. Moreover, these composite road plates perform better than conventional ones when it comes to pressure distribution.

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26 November 2021 A surprising footbridge solution

The "Ludwig-Volk-Steg" footbridge, built in 1967, connects the communities of Margetshöchheim and Veitshöchheim, near Würzburg. Two of the bridge's piers are located in the navigation channel of the Main River, which can lead to unsafe situations. With this, a new suspension bridge is under construction. With barrier-free ramps and a width of three metres, this suspension bridge allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Main River safely, which also allowing for safe passage for shipping traffic.

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16 November 2021 Cross-border bridgework

The railway bridges over the River Oder at Küstrin, on the German-Polish border, were built in 1926. In the past, these bridges connected Berlin with East and West Prussia as part of the so-called Ostbahn. This railway is still important as a detour and alternative route for the Berlin – Warsaw route. But the old railway bridges are at the end of their technical life and out of service since the end of 2020. Therefore, they are replaced by a brand new bridge that completely spans the Oder.

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07 September 2021 2 x 500-tonne crane action in Assmannshausen

Close to the old train station in picturesque Assmannshausen, Germany, experts from Wagenborg Nedlift have installed a 150-tonne element of a pedestrian tunnel. They used two 500-tonne mobile cranes to skilfully place this prefab element.

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30 August 2021 Wagenborg Nedlift’s first new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 has arrived

The first of Wagenborg Nedlift’s two new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 tower cranes was delivered last Friday! This compact crane with a large reach is a beautiful addition to the fleet of Wagenborg Nedlift

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22 July 2021 ABIT tool: by road and water

For many years now, Wagenborg Nedlift has had the pleasure of carrying out a wide range of projects for the Genemuiden-based company Breman Machinery B.V., each project more unique than the last. This time round, Wagenborg was tasked with weighing and lifting what is known as an ABIT tool, and transporting it by land and water.

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16 July 2021 Wagenborg Nedlift on the ‘Road To Success’ in combating climate change!

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to meet the targets of the UN climate agreement that was ratified in Paris in 2016. We all have to do our part for the Paris Agreement. And Wagenborg is no exception. That’s why Wagenborg is working hard on the sustainability strategy that has been created, which contains concrete targets. As part of this endeavour, Wagenborg Nedlift has launched the ‘Road to Success’ pilot in collaboration with Route42.

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