The winners from Wagenborg Nedlift

The winners from Wagenborg Nedlift

Every day, the Wagenborg Nedlift team is busy with safe and professional solutions for its customers and partners, both at home and abroad. Whether it involves placing a dormer, installing a complete bridge or transporting heavy transformers, each solution is tailor-made and aims to realise the customer's project safely and within the schedule. It has certainly been noticed that the professionals from Wagenborg Nedlift can come up with technically very ingenious and inventive solutions!

ESTA Awards

ESTA is the European trade association for the heavy transport, lifting and crane rental sector. ESTA represents the national trade associations in the sector. Every year ESTA Awards are presented for projects that stand out in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety. 

Wagenborg Nedlift's solutions are invariably good for a nomination or award. This makes us very proud, of course, and it clearly shows the uniqueness of the Wagenborg Nedlift approach and working method. And who are the ultimate winners? Our customers!

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The Köthen colossus installed!

A new arch bridge, weighing over 660 tons and nicknamed the 'Colossus of Köthen' connects the inner city of Köthen with important arterial roads.


The engineers of Wagenborg Engineering devised an ingenious method to place this bridge over seven(!) railway tracks during a short weekend shutdown. The SPMTs played the leading part, but other equipment was also used, including a 600 tonne crawler crane, various jacking systems and the sliding system developed by Wagenborg Nedlift itself.


A dashing exploit in heavy transport which was rewarded with an ESTA Award in the category SPMT jobs!

The Köthen colossus installed!

A mega move in Münster

Placing the new Wolbeckerstrasse bridge in the German city of Münster was a technical challenge of stature for the engineers of Wagenborg Engineering. How do you make sure that the sliding system on the pontoon exactly connects with the sliding system on the abutment on the other side?


A special combination of horizontal and vertical transport technology on land and water, worked out in detail by the engineers, was needed to get the job done. The chosen solution appeared to be the winner of an ESTA Award in the Combined Techniques category!

A mega move in Münster

Surprising footbridge solution

The construction of the new suspension bridge "Ludwig-Volk-Steg" over the Main river near Würzburg proved to be a challenge in itself. Heavy lifting equipment was required to hoist the 11-tonne prefabricated parts. But there was no room for such heavy lifting equipment on the river banks.


The lifting specialists of Wagenborg Nedlift came up with a solution to lift the bridgeparts from the water. The use of the strong and manoeuvrable 165 tm knuckle boom telescopic crane positioned on a large barge proved to be a solid and safe solution for the lifting of the prefabricated parts and resulted in an ESTA Award in the category up to 120 tons lifting capacity.

A surprising footbridge solution


Small but powerful

The Small but powerful does it, for a great result project won the award in the category up to 120-tonne lifting capacity. This project involved the use of two mini-cranes to place a 10-tonne filter press on a platform in a process building.


A precision job with very limited lifting height and a very small installation space for the cranes, which required well-thought-out preparation by the project team and outstanding skill on the part of the mini-crane operators.

Small but powerful does it, for a great result

Inching and pinching

The second Award was won in the SPMT category and concerned the transport of the stern for the Maxima, Koninklijke Wagenborg’s newest EasyMax2 multi-purpose vessel.


This colossus weighing 650 tonnes was driven from the hall of the Niestern Sander shipyard, with minimal manoeuvring space, and was positioned against the midsection of the ship with millimetre precision. Impressive steering skills of the SPMT operator!


Tuning forks for Amare

A building with a design as unusual as that of Amare in The Hague demands special lifting solutions. To install no fewer than 50 special iconic columns, in the shape of a tuning fork, Wagenborg Nedlift developed a special lifting frame in cooperation with Bomecon Construction Equipment, enabling them to place the columns (varying in size and weight) entirely in accordance with the requirements. Wagenborg Nedlift received the ESTA Award in the category Innovation & Development for the development of this special frame.


Wagenborg Nedlift has also developed tailored solutions for the placement of façade elements for the next phases of this unique project. Read the full story!



Unique lifting solutions for Amare The Hague


Formidable hoisting job

For the prestigious Pontsteiger project in Amsterdam, the lifting specialists from Wagenborg Nedlift placed four huge trusses.


A daring piece of lifting work, as the cranes were set up in a very tight location and the tandem lift with the trusses weighing 78 tonnes required extreme precision. The hoisting operation of the trusses for Pontsteiger was rewarded with an ESTA Award in the 'Hoisting > 120 tonnes’ category. Read the full story!


Craftsmanship crane operators is gold standard at Pontsteiger Amsterdam

A gateway to the east

In the far north of Norway, very close to the border with Russia, Wagenborg Nedlift installed a 120-metre-long arched bridge over the Bøkfjord, weighing 760 tonnes.


The team made optimal use of the natural circumstances in the fjord, as well as the technical possibilities offered by the sailing and driving equipment. In addition to compliments from the client, it resulted in an ESTA Award in the SPMT jobs category. 


A gateway to the east


Hoisting in a tight space

The 180-metre-long Nelson Mandela Bridge in Zoetermeer needed a new footbridge and a new lift. An extremely complex job!


Despite the extremely tight location, the Wagenborg team succeeded, in close consultation with the client, in developing an excellent operating method. The method was perfectly executed and rewarded with an ESTA Award in the 'Cranes up to 120 tonnes' category. Read more here! 


Hoisting in a tight space


Smart bridge transport

In the summer of 2015, Wagenborg transported the special bridge deck of the Kruisvaart Bridge in Utrecht. But how do you transport a 45-tonne composite bridge deck measuring 14 x 23 metres through the centre of Utrecht? 


Because of the many obstacles and trees, the Wagenborg engineers developed a perfect solution: a specially tailored support construction to transport the bridge in a vertical position. A sustainable transport solution, sparing many trees. The project earned an ESTA Award in the 'Transport over 120 tonnes' category. Read the full story!

No bridge too far, thanks to smart brain work


No such thing as impossible

To carry out work on the roof of a building in The Hague, a 120-tonne mobile crane had to be set up in the courtyard. But how do you get a 120-tonne mobile crane into a courtyard when the crane is 3 metres wide and the gate is only 2.75 metres wide?

By combining civil engineering and smart engineering with extraordinary steering skills on the part of the crane operator, Wagenborg Nedlift developed the perfect lifting solution, which earned an ESTA Award in the 'Lifting < 120 tonnes' category. 


Green Link

The Green Link Bridge is nearly 200 metres long, weighs over 600 tonnes and spans the Betuwe railway line and the A15 motorway. Given the bridge’s unique design, the task of transporting it to the project site on the A15 presented a special challenge. Several overpasses had to be crossed and almost all street furniture had to be removed, including traffic gantries above the A15.


Several transport configurations were conceived, calculated and compared until, in the end, a solution with conventional axle lines proved to be the most feasible. A great achievement in heavy transport, which was rewarded with an ESTA Award in the category 'Hoisting > 120 tonnes'. Read more here!


The 'Green Connection'

Vopak 2000

A new tank farm of 52 tanks has been constructed at the Vopak terminal in Vlaardingen. A real challenge, especially with respect to lifting. After installing a tank, the 750-tonne crawler crane had to move to the next position for the next tank. 


Each heavy-lift movement was different and was separately engineered by Wagenborg Nedlift. Craftsmanship of the highest order, which was rewarded with an ESTA Award in the category Crawler Cranes. Read more here!

Vopak 2000 Vlaardingen - 52 Lagertanks - 1 Terminal

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