Vopak 2000 Vlaardingen - 52 Lagertanks - 1 Terminal

Vopak 2000 Vlaardingen - 52 Lagertanks - 1 Terminal

Although special transports are part of our daily routine, every single project is special to us. Special in cargo, in destination, because of dimensions or special of weights. And sometimes a project combines them all and is special in every single way. This then results in a special and unique transport project like Vopak 2000 at the Vopak terminal in Vlaardingen NL).

At this Vopak terminal, a total of 52 isolated storage tanks and 32 modules (pipe-racks) had to be installed. A true challenge for Wagenborg Nedlift. And when it gets difficult we are at our best. 


The largest tanks, with a capacity of almost 4.000 m³ have a diameter of 13 meters. The smallest tanks, still good for 2.500 m³, have a diameter of 11,5 meters. The heights vary from 25 to 28 meters and is tuned to the maximum height allowed on the transport route from the manufacturer in Willebroek to Vlaardingen. All tanks together have a total capacity of 150 million liter, a total weight over 5,000 Te and cover an area the size of 30 tennis courts.  




Just in Time delivery

Timing is crucial in this project as the manufacturing, transport and installation of the tanks had to be fine-tuned. First of all, the storage tank manufacturer had a strict production plan for delivering the 52 tanks. Secondly Vopak had to make sure their tank foundations on the terminal were finalized in time. Thirdly, Wagenborg Nedlift had to combine all these facts in order to create an optimal transport plan.


The tanks were transported in two phases. In January 2013 the first 26 tanks were transported and installed. The other tanks were delivered in May 2013 during phase 2. Cooperation between all parties involved was essential for a successful result of the project.


Factory to foundation

All water transport was performed with container vessels with the dimensions 135 x 17m. Upon arrival in Vlaardingen, the tanks were one by one unloaded at the Vopak Terminal Vlaardingen by a 500 Te CC2500 crawler crane. This crawler crane took care of the transshipment of the tanks on a double 10-axle Self Propelled Modular Trailer. The SPMT transported the tanks from quay side under the hook of the 750 Te LR1750 crawler crane with 78m main boom and super lift. This heavy crawler crane lifted the tanks to their final position.


On paper this sounds simple but some “details” made the installation really complex. Due to a lack of space on the terminal site the sequence of positioning and installing the tanks was very important. After installing a tank, the crawler crane had to be removed to a next position for the next tank. The temporary road, existing of a large number of wooden mats and heavy duty steel mats, was relocated for every crane position. Every single heavy lift and movement is different and had to be engineered separately by Wagenborg Nedlift. 


The project also involved the installation of 32 pipe-rack modules which had to be installed between the tanks; an extra challenge for the Wagenborg Nedlift crew.


Thanks to the skilled, experienced and solution-driven employees of Wagenborg Nedlift, the project had been finished successfully. All in time and to the full satisfaction of our customer. And that’s wat makes us tick!

Watch the project movie on Vopak 2000!

Awarded with ESTA Award!

In 2014, the heavy transport and lifting works op Vopak 2000 project was awarded with an ESTA Award!


ESTA is the European Association of heavy transport, heavy lifting and crane rental companies. The ESTA represents the national associations in the heavy transport and lifting sector. Each year, ESTA Awards are awarded for extraordinary projects in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety. 


ESTA Europe


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