A surprising footbridge solution
26 November 2021

A surprising footbridge solution

The "Ludwig-Volk-Steg" footbridge, built in 1967, connects the communities of Margetshöchheim and Veitshöchheim, near Würzburg. Two of the bridge's piers are located in the navigation channel of the Main River, which can lead to unsafe situations. With this, a new suspension bridge is under construction. With barrier-free ramps and a width of three metres, this suspension bridge allows cyclists and pedestrians to cross the Main River safely, which also allowing for safe passage for shipping traffic.

Futuristic design

The new suspension bridge has a futuristic design and a free span measuring at an impressive 122 metres. The bridge is supported by two heavy guy wires connected to pylons located on both sides of the Main River.


The bridge itself consists of 19 pre-fabricated sections, each weighing 11 tonnes, which are suspended from the two heavy guy wires using several cables.

A headache

The construction of the new suspension bridge proved to be quite a challenge. The pylons on the banks were placed and assembled in sections without any problems. But to hoist 11-tonne pre-fabricated sections at a distance of over 60 metres, you need heavy lifting equipment. For which there was no room on the banks.


What to do then?


Inventive solution

The lifting specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift figured that a solution involving working from the water might be an option. Together with sister company Wagenborg Towage and the client, this option was looked at more closely – and the result was a positive one! Using the powerful and manoeuvrable 165 tm knuckle boom crane on a large pontoon proved to be a solid and safe solution when it came to lifting the pre-fabricated sections. 



No sooner said than done

Last week, it was finally done: Wagenborg Barge 14 of Wagenborg Towage was mobilised, and the 165 tm knuckle boom crane of Wagenborg Nedlift was positioned on it. The 19 pre-fabricated sections for the bridge were put on board as well, after which it sailed to the project site of the new bridge.


What followed was fantastic teamwork between the water transportation specialists, who made sure the pontoon stayed in the right position, and the lifting specialists of the knuckle boom crane, who placed the pre-fabricated sections one by one in the guy wires.

And so it has once again been proven that the Wagenborg team is not easy to catch!

ESTA Award winning project

The inventive solution for the installation of this footbridge has been awarded with the ESTA Award!


ESTA is the European Association of heavy transport, heavy lifting and crane rental companies. The ESTA represents the national associations in the heavy transport and lifting sector. Each year, ESTA Awards are awarded for extraordinary projects in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety.




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