No bridge too far, thanks to smart brain work

No bridge too far, thanks to smart brain work

In the summer of 2015 the deck of the Kruisvaart bridge in Utrecht (NL), a movable bridge in the centre of Utrecht, was replaced. A new composite bridge section was transported in a rather special way from the manufacturing location in Rotterdam to its final location in the heart of Utrecht.

Composite bridge deck

The prefabricated composite bridge section with extraordinary dimensions of 14 x 23 metres, weighing 45 tonnes, having a unique design was manufactured in Rotterdam. The bridge deck was transported by barge in a horizontal position to the Balije bridge in Utrecht, about one kilometre from its final destination. 

Vertical transport

The final kilometre from the Balije bridge point of arrival to the Kruisvaart bridge construction site turned out not to be that easy. There were many trees and other obstacles on the route through the busy city centre. How to prevent those beautiful trees from being pruned?


The specialists from Wagenborg Engineering came up with a unique solution: transport the bridge deck in a vertical position.

Trees saved

As planned, by using a vertical support construction on the modular trailer, the bridge deck was transported vertically. The total transport height was 16 metres and the width was that of an ordinary truck.


Because of this, few traffic management measures were required and most importantly, of course: the trees were saved!

Watch the pictures of Kruisvaart bridge project here!

Awarded with ESTA Award!

The exceptional transport of the bridge deck for the Kruisvaart bridge was rewarded with an ESTA Award!


ESTA is the European trade association for the heavy transport, lifting and crane rental sector. ESTA represents the national trade associations in the sector. Every year ESTA Awards are presented for projects that stand out in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety.

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