Unique lifting solutions for Amare The Hague

Unique lifting solutions for Amare The Hague

A new cultural building for the performing arts, Amare, is arising in the centre of The Hague, featuring a unique design.

Tuning forks

From the very start of construction activities, Wagenborg Nedlift has been involved in the lifting operations at the challenging building site. The first 50 unique facade elements with tuning fork design were put in place in 2018. 

50 different types of elements

And this was only the beginning. Amare’s facade consists entirely of over 50(!) different types of specially designed elements made of concrete, all with their own specific placement challenges. Moreover, the building site in the city centre is very cramped and due to the scaffolding there’s very little room near the facade to actually put things in place.

Lego Technics

A nice challenge for Wagenborg Engineering’s team of engineers! In close collaboration with the client, various options for lifting the concrete elements were researched. This included deploying Lego Technics to demonstrate a solution with roll closures to Bouwcombinatie Cadanz (Boele & van Eesteren I Visser & Smit Bouw).  


Eventually, four solutions were developed to assemble, tilt and place the various concrete elements.

Modular Support System

Some of the elements are made up of smaller parts that are assembled at the building site. For this purpose, various mounting frames were developed. Other solutions were devised to tilt and place the elements, including a tilting frame, made from two 12 meter flaps and a couple of cylinder elements of the Modular Support System.


Once the element has been mounted, a crane is used to put it vertically and it is secured with the MOS adjustment cylinder. Next, the element is detached from the horizontal flap and placed on the facade. Ballast on the horizontal flap provides the frame with extra stability while tilting.

Totem pole

To deal with the three-part corner elements of the Amare building, a tube-shaped solution was developed, locally known as the ‘totem pole’. The elements are fixed to the tube for assembly and then, after the concrete has hardened, lifted into place as a whole, at a height of 38 meters on the facade.

Wagenborg at its best!

This exceptional project profited from the knowledge and skills of various experts within Wagenborg Nedlift:

  • Design of assembly, tilting and lifting frames (Wagenborg Engineering)

  • Construction, testing and inspection of all frames

  • Engineering the crane set-ups

  • Work preparation and project management regarding all lifting operations

  • Executing the lifting operations

The result: a complete solution that is both safe and efficient!

Watch the project pictures and movies here!

Pictures: Bart Bruggeling e.a.

About Amare

Amare will be home to performing arts, creative development, (international) excellent programming and conferences. The building will be the new residence for the South Beach Theatre (Zuiderstrandtheater), The Hague Philharmonic (Residentie Orkest), the Dutch Dance Theatre (Nederlands Dans Theater), and the Royal Conservatory. Everyone will be welcome, be it to visit the theatre or a concert, to attend a lesson, rehearsal or a conference, or just to have a cup of coffee or meet up with friends. Amare will be a building for all of The Hague.



About Cadanz Building Consortium

The Cadanz Building Consortium (Boele & van Eesteren | Visser & Smit Bouw) started the realization of the Amare building in the summer of 2017. The assignment consisted of designing, building and maintaining Amare and was commissioned by the local authority of The Hague.  Amare is the culmination of the ‘Haagse Loper’ (a prestigious pedestrian area) in the so-called ‘Spui’ district and ensures connections in the city.



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