Best Practice Guide for SPMTs
06 June 2024

Best Practice Guide for SPMTs

“We are grateful for the exceptional support we have received from the ESTA members” (

Updated manual for self-propelled modular trailers

Time and time again, our people come up with special customised solutions for challenging lifting and transport challenges. It is not for nothing that we are a member of the ESTA. We are proud of our ESTA membership. We have collaborated with a number of other global stakeholders on the ESTA Best Practice Guide for SPMTs. This is an important collaboration because safety is very important to Wagenborg Nedlift. No two jobs are the same, so the knowledge and skills of our engineers and operators are always crucial to safe performance.


ESTA is therefore working to improve the safety of SPMT use. In addition, ESTA has been working on an internationally recognised training qualification for operators. The result is now an updated manual for self-propelled modular transporters. Thanks to all the input form ESTA members. You can find more information also on the Esta website


Did you know that we also won an ESTA Award? Curious about this project



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