Road Trip Zero Emission team
12 December 2023

Road Trip Zero Emission team

Lifting on a construction site with zero emissions? Even at peak loads? Or when there is no power supply? It's all possible. But how exactly? Pim Bontjer, sales manager at Wagenborg Nedlift, and Ben Meems, sales engineer at Hybrid Power Units, explain.

Emission free lifting

'With the latest generation of mobile tower cranes from Wagenborg Nedlift, we can lift with zero emissions,' says Pim. These machines are equipped with state-of-the-art engines to drive to the job site. Once there, they plug into the socket.


Using the site power supply, the crane sets itself up and emission-free lifting can begin. Even during lifting, the crane remains plugged in. The result: emission-free lifting without noise disturbance for employees and residents.'


Mobile power unit

'A great solution, agrees Ben. ''But construction power is not available on every site. And the use of electrically powered cranes and other heavy equipment sometimes places a significant peak load on the available site power supply. In practice, we see extra heavy diesel generators being used to meet the peak demand. This is not very sustainable and quite expensive.


It is much more convenient to use a compact mobile power unit. For example, when there is no power supply at a construction site. Or when setting up a mobile tower crane and starting up other heavy construction equipment. By using a mobile HPU battery, Wagenborg Nedlift can work emission-free and carry out off-grid lifting projects in places where there is little or no electricity.'

Road Trip

How does this work in practice? That's what Wagenborg Nedlift and Hybrid Power Units recently demonstrated to a number of housing associations in the North of the Netherlands and their main contractors.


A compact power unit from Hybrid Power Units powered a 4-axle mobile tower crane from Wagenborg Nedlift. This enabled the crane to erect and lift.


The reactions?

 'I never thought it was possible'

'It works beautifully!'


Pim and Ben: 'That's exactly why we did this demonstration. We wanted to show that it really does work. And that we can achieve new sustainable solutions by looking at the energy issue from a different angle, by using new technologies and, above all, by working together.'

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