Future truck technicians work with sponsored Wagenborg truck
01 May 2024

Future truck technicians work with sponsored Wagenborg truck

While students Reinder, Mica, Gijs, Rik and Daan were putting the finishing touches to the Cross truck on Friday afternoon, they were surprised by another truck. In this case it was a heavy-duty truck. Wagenborg Nedlift delivered a red DAF XF 105 with only 200,000 kilometres on the clock to ROC van Twente, location de Sumpel. That's a very nice one,' say the truck technicians of the future.

Preparing for the challenges of real workshops

Bram: "The donation of a truck for our training is not only a great addition to our teaching materials, but it also opens up new opportunities for our students to gain practical experience. With this truck, they can learn by doing and prepare themselves for the challenges they will face in real garages. On behalf of the entire team and the students, I would like to thank Wagenborg for their support of education. We look forward to working together and developing the next generation of truck technicians."


Johan Bakker, Manager Fleet & Maintenance at Wagenborg Nedlift, brought the truck to ROC last Friday. "By sponsoring this truck, we want to contribute to the education of future professionals. We welcome students who choose to train as mechanics for vehicles and mobile machinery/commercial vehicles."

Instructor Bram Heuvel (pictured left) has yet to find a suitable place in the workshop for this new acquisition, but he is very grateful for Wagenborg's gesture. Johan Bakker, Manager Fleet & Maintenance at Wagenborg Nedlift (right), brought the truck to ROC last Friday.

'Supporting students to achieve their career goals'

By gaining hands-on experience with a real truck, students not only gain technical knowledge, but also develop practical skills that are essential for success in the field.


Bakker: "By sponsoring this truck, we hope to inspire and support students in achieving their professional goals. In addition, working with ROC is very important to us. Working with students gives us a valuable opportunity to get to know potential employees. Not only do we regularly offer internships to ROC students, but we also actively participate in events such as open days, internship fairs and guest lectures. This creates brand awareness in the labour market and gives students a good idea of the career opportunities at Wagenborg."

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