Nedlift Newcomers
16 December 2021

Nedlift Newcomers

December is festive season and the same goes for Wagenborg Nedlift! No fewer than three new Liebherr cranes arrived at the yards in Groningen and Hengelo (in the Netherlands) and Hörstel (in Germany).

150 tons mobile crane LTM1150-5.3

First the LTM 1150-5.3, the latest Liebherr model in the 150-tonne class, rolled onto the yard in Hörstel. It is a versatile machine, equipped with a mainboom measuring a length of no less than 66 metres. In this configuration, the crane has a lifting capacity of more than 9 tonnes. This newcomer is ideal for heavy lifting works at great heights, making it capable of competing with models in the 200-tonne class! The 5-axle 150-tonne crane is equipped with a Stage V engine just like the other new Liebherr models, meaning a significant reduction in emissions.


The new crane also features VarioBase®, a variable stabilisation system which allows for safe lifting at any lifting area. Thanks to ECOmode and ECOdrive, both noise and fuel consumption are reduced.

Mobile tower crane 3-axle MK73-3.1

The second newcomer is a mobile tower crane type MK73-3.1 – it is a twin of the MK73 delivered in August. This 3-axle unit is an extremely compact and manoeuvrable mobile tower crane, making it particularly suitable for construction sites with limited space for manoeuvrability and for inner city locations.


For Wagenborg Nedlift, this MK73 is an addition to the fleet which is rapidly deployable and handy, and it can also be operated electrically. This results in lifting works with zero emissions and noise pollution.

Mobile tower crane 4-axle MK88-4.1

In the mobile tower cranes category, another newcomer was added to the Wagenborg Nedlift fleet: the MK88-4.1. This powerful and versatile 4-axle crane is also perfectly suited for construction sites with limited space for manoeuvrability or for public places, thanks to its compact size and variable outrigger options.


The MK88-4.1 also does not lag behind it terms of sustainability: the crane is equipped with various options for electric and therefore emission-free and virtually silent operation.

Sustainable investment program

The delivery of these three Liebherr newcomers is part of a multi-year investment programme in which Wagenborg Nedlift and Liebherr jointly focus on sustainability.

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