Wagenborg Nedlift’s first new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 has arrived
30 August 2021

Wagenborg Nedlift’s first new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 has arrived

The first of Wagenborg Nedlift’s two new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 tower cranes was delivered last Friday! This compact crane with a large reach is a beautiful addition to the fleet of Wagenborg Nedlift


The new MK 73-3.1 is the smallest in the series of Liebherr mobile tower cranes. This three-axle truck has a total length of 13.8 metres, a width of 2.75 metres and a height of four metres. This makes this newest acquisition highly manoeuvrable on the road. In addition, assembly requires very little time, so it can be quickly ready for use.

Only one engine

The crane has only one engine, making it economical to use. In addition, the crane has an ECO mode. 

Electrically operated

Like several other Wagenborg Nedlift cranes, the new Liebherr MK 73-3.1 can also be electrically operated. This makes it possible to perform lifting work on the construction site with zero emissions.

Would you like to read more about this latest acquisition by Wagenborg Nedlift? Click here. Delivery of the second new Liebherr of the same type is expected in November of this year.

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