Climbing in the Jungola
04 November 2020

Climbing in the Jungola

Sometimes we get to go to exceptional locations to carry out unique lifting operations with our mini cranes. Jungola in Wildlands Adventure Zoo, the indoor tropical jungle paradise, is such a location.

Spiral staircase

Recently, new spiral stairs had to be installed there as part of the climbing course. Getting the staircase to its final destination via the small paths between the ropes and tropical vegetation provided quite a challenge!

Compact crane

Wagenborg Nedlift’s Hoeflon compact crane was the solution. The electrically powered mini crane can easily be manoeuvred and only requires a small installation area to be able to do its work. A great solution for the Jungola project.


As a result, placing the new spiral staircase couldn’t have been easier. 

Watch the project pictures here!

Wildlands Adventure Zoo & Wagenborg Nedlift

Wagenborg Nedlift is a long-term partner of Wildlands Adventure Zoo and has carried out many interesting lifting and transport projects for this unique animal park. Read more here!



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