From construction site to theme park - Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

From construction site to theme park - Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

The construction of Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen was a large-scale and innovative project. An adventurous animal theme park with a unique and innovative character. Wagenborg Nedlift was engaged to carry out the lifting and transport work for the construction and furnishing of the park and the relocation of the animals to their brand new enclosures.

Giant greenhouse

The indoor jungle in a huge greenhouse forms the heart of the park and was the first to be built at the new location. Its span of 110 metres makes it one of the largest greenhouses in Europe. Wagenborg Nedlift organised the lifting of the trusses, the largest of which measured no less than 66 metres.

An adventure in the jungle

Following completion of the jungle greenhouse, they started with the furnishing. Trees, plants, rocks, animal enclosures, watchtowers connected by footbridges, a replicated crashed airplane with a footpath running through the middle: the park is full of surprises for the visitor. All furnishing elements were transported and placed by the professionals of Wagenborg Nedlift.

Take a look at the work in the jungle greenhouse!

Railway wagons on the road!

The transport and placement of four old railway wagons from the German Großauheim Hanau presented a particular challenge. Using a 200-tonne mobile telescopic crane the wagons were first hoisted from their undercarriages, after which all protruding parts under the wagons could be removed (air tanks, steps, coupling pins etc.). Next, the wagons were be loaded onto the trucks and the combinations of up to 29 metres long, 3.30 metres wide and 4.30 metres high could start their journey to the Netherlands under private supervision.


A very special transport: railway wagons by road!

Moving animals

Obviously, the last and most important phase in the Wildlands Adventure Zoo project was relocating the animals. Wagenborg Nedlift came into action for the heaviest residents: the elephants. The elephants were led into special containers by the caretakers who kept a close eye on them during transport and hoisting. In turn, the Wagenborg Nedlift project manager was in contact with the caretakers so that they could intervene if necessary.


Moving the elephants went like clockwork thanks to sound preparation, coordination and communication!

Watch the Wildlands project pictures here!

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