Moving the elefants was the icing on the cake!

Moving the elefants was the icing on the cake!

Harrie Klingenberg has worked at Wagenborg Nedlift for 20 years. During the past five years, he has been active in job preparation and as a project manager. This was also his role during the construction project of the new Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen (NL).

A good start....

Harrie worked partly from the office and partly on site and kept a tight rein on the project. As they say, 'A job well-conceived is a job half done'. He tells us something about the Wildlands Adventure Zoo project.


"Wildlands Adventure Zoo. From A to Z a huge project, for which we used many different types of cranes to tackle some very interesting jobs. The most spectacular and challenging part of the whole project was the installation of the main beams of the large covered greenhouse. Our operators put all their knowledge and skills to work together with the other companies involved to achieve a truly excellent result. Excellent collaboration with all stakeholders was of great importance during this project, therefore. We performed a great deal of work in a short period of time. This is only possible if you work well together and adopt a problem-solving approach."


Long-lasting co-operation

"Wagenborg Nedlift has been working successfully with the zoo in Emmen for many years now. Over the years we have carried out many very interesting projects, including the construction of the new Wildlands. We were in constant contact with eachother during the project."

Moving the animals

"Especially during the final phase of the Wildlands project, when we moved the animals, close coordination was very important. During the transport operations, we were in direct contact with the zookeepers, because the welfare of the animals was paramount of course.


Everyone who worked on the construction of the new Wildlands did a great job, which resulted in a beautiful theme park!"

Read more about the Wildlands Zoo project here!

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