Giant gas storage tanks to Krefeld

Giant gas storage tanks to Krefeld

September 2018, Wagenborg Nedlift carried out the impressive transport of 5 enormous gas storage tanks from Haren (Germany) to Krefeld (Germany).

First of all, the tanks needed to be transported in Haren from the fabrication hall to the quay, in order to transship the tanks into inland vessels. As soon as the tanks were loaded, their journey to Krefeld could start.


Upon arrival in Krefeld, the tanks were directly transshipped onto conventional trailer combinations using port crane Big Rocky and a 750 tons crawler crane.


Now the most challenging part of the project started: transporting the tanksto the quay
near the final location. This local transport was quite challenging due to the sizes of the tanks and the necessary traffic measures that had to be taken in order to create a suitable route for the giants, such as:

- pruning work

- constructing of temporary roads

- removing street furniture

- building bridges to cross underground pipelines safely


After taking the neccesary precautions on the route, the giant tanks were transported during several nights. Early 2019, Wagenborg Nedlift transported the storage tanks to their final position at the Westfalen tank storage area. There, they were positioned in a large sand bed. 

Dimensions gas storage tanks

3 tanks: 67.800 mm long x 6.700 mm wide x 7.000 mm high and weighing 285 tonnes each

2 tanks: 34.100 mm long x 6.500 mm wide x 7.000 mm high and weighing 160 tonnes each

Scope of work

Wagenborg Nedlift offered a full factory-to-foundation solution for this project:

  • Local transport in Haren from the fabrication hall to quayside 

  • Transshipment into inland vessels

  • Water transport from Haren to Krefeld

  • Unloading the tanks in Krefeld and positioning upon conventional trailers

  • Local transport to the quay near the final location

  • Projectmanagement and engineering

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