Transporting a trio of transformers
21 January 2021

Transporting a trio of transformers

There was recently a lot of activity at the power distribution station on the Karperweg in Amsterdam. Three transformers were being transported to the station, where they were to be installed.

Rising demand

New residential neighbourhoods, the rapid increase in electric vehicles and the proliferation of new data centres are all leading to burgeoning demand for electricity in Amsterdam. Network operator Liander is making major investments in the power grid to meet this demand. And thus the distribution station on the Karperweg is doubling its capacity. 

Inching and pinching

The station on the Karperweg is hemmed in between buildings and surrounded by the Stadiongracht canal on one side. It's in this small area that technicians are working on expanding the station. This is a daunting challenge, requiring inventive solutions.


And that especially applies to installation of three transformers, each one weighing nearly 70 tonnes. These are the transformers that convert high-voltage electricity to a lower voltage. Because there is too much traffic in the city during the day, the transformers are transported to their new home late at night and unloaded on site.

A handy solution

The mobile crane that is used for this purpose would normally be able to remove the transformer from the lorry and place it directly in the station. But this is not possible in this case due to the limited space. So a combination of conveyance techniques were used.

Wagenborg Nedlift’s 500-tonne mobile crane unloaded the transformers from the lorries and placed them on a skidding track. The last bit of horizontal transport prior to entering the transformer station was carried out with the aid of a skidding operation. The transformers were left in this spot for a little while so that Liander's transformer specialists could disassemble them. Then they were slid into the transformer cells.


An altogether efficient and safe transport solution with minimal impact on the surrounding area!

Watch the project pictures and long movie here!

Projectmovie: Hans de Graaff - Qirion

The first of many

The Karperweg project is the first assignment of the new year for the transformer specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift. Over the course of the year ahead, they will be transporting transformers in Meeden, Doetinchem, Vierverlaten and other places. Some of these weigh up to 400(!) tonnes each. 


Read more about Wagenborg Nedlift’s expertise in the field of transformer logistics!


About Liander

Liander is a network operator, responsible for supplying electricity through the power grid to private households and commercial businesses. Liander is active in six Dutch regions, including the Amsterdam region. In the years ahead, Liander will be building at least eight new power distribution stations in Amsterdam, in addition to expanding the existing stations. In doing so, they are getting the capital's power grid ready for the future.

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