Metamorphosis of the EDT Protea vessel
18 February 2021

Metamorphosis of the EDT Protea vessel

Last week, the crew of Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Stevedoring worked together on a transformation project of survey vessel EDT Protea. This whip will be transformed to a walk-to-work vessel on behalf of the North Sea offshore sector.

Making room

The ship will be equipped with a Safeway Seagull® motion compensated gangway. The knuckle boom crane on deck therefore has to be removed.


The Wagenborg team was called in to take care of the transport- and lifting works and arrangement of temporary storage of the knuckle boom crane.

Powerhouses in action

For the lifting operation of the knuckle boom crane, which had a weight of 135 tons, Wagenborg Nedlift’s brand new 450 tons mobile crane LTM 1450 and the 500 tons Demag AC500 were positioned at the quayside.


After offloading the knuckle boom crane from the ship deck, local transport at the port yard of Wagenborg Stevedoring in Eemshaven was carried out by using a double set of 12 axle lines SPMT. This transport configuration was set up by the transport specialists due to the high point of gravity of the knuckle boom crane, caused by a wire reel with a weight of 30 tons.


Wagenborg Nedlift’s multifunctional Palfinger 92tm knuckle boom crane assisted both at the lifting operation and as a working platform.


Upon arrival at the temporary storage area, both mobile cranes were set up to offload the ship’s knuckle boom crane from the SPMT trailers.


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