New 450 tons mobile crane for Wagenborg Nedlift!
07 December 2020

New 450 tons mobile crane for Wagenborg Nedlift!

It’s time! The new 450 tons mobile crane for Wagenborg Nedlift has arrived at the Wagenborg Nedlift yard in Hengelo.

Ultramodern 450 tons giant

This new powerhouse of the LTM1450-8.1 type, with a lifting capacity of 450 tons, is the latest model in this range from German crane manufacturer Liebherr.

Latest features

The new crane is equipped with VarioBallast®. This makes it possible to vary the radius of the counterweight, depending on the available setup space and the load to be lifted. The 450 tons machine is provided with VarioBase® too, a variable outrigger system which guarantees safe lifting at any setup spot. With the €CO mode, both noise and fuel consumption are strongly reduced. 

Proud operators

The proud crane operators of the new giant, Jacob van der Linden and Niek Datema, received the keys at a safe distance from Liebherr Netherlands’ Patrick de Jong, watched by planner Rico Hogenkamp.

Safe solutions

With this investment, Wagenborg Nedlift is responding to the growing market for complex and heavy lifting in the infrastructure sector and industry in the Benelux and Germany. Wagenborg Nedlift’s specialists develop safe and efficient solutions for all kind of challenging transport and lifting projects.

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