3  ESTA Awards for Wagenborg Nedlift!
18 March 2022

3 ESTA Awards for Wagenborg Nedlift!

At the annual ESTA Awards ceremony on 17 March, Wagenborg Nedlift won no fewer than 3 awards!

Knuckle boom crane in the water

The replacement of the “Ludwig-Volk-Steg” footbridge won the award in the category up to 120-tonne lifting capacity. This project involved replacing the old footbridge near Würzburg with a new suspension bridge with a free span of no less than 122 metres. The bridge consists of 19 pre-fab sections, each weighing 11 tonnes. Using the powerful and manoeuvrable 165 tm knuckle boom crane on a large pontoon proved to be a solid and safe solution when it came to lifting the pre-fabricated sections.

Mega move in Münster

The second Award was won in the 'Combined techniques' category for the mega move in Münster. Here a special arch bridge with a length of more than 67 metres and weighing more than 550 tonnes was installed. For this mega move, the Wagenborg Nedlift team brought a massive amount of equipment to the site, including a pontoon, the Modular Support System, support beams, mobile cranes, SPMTs, climbing jacks and a sliding system. A special combination of horizontal and vertical conveyance techniques, conceived by the engineers at Wagenborg Engineering.


The Köthen colossus

The third award was granted in the SPMT category for our project 'The Köthen colossus'. The new 73-metre, 660-tonne, arch bridge at Köthen in Germany is part of a large infrastructure project where the closure of seven railway lines was one element putting pressure on the available installation time. In addition to 2 x 12-axle and 2 x 10-axle SPMTs with the Modular Support System, the job involved a 600-tonne crawler crane, 1,200-tonne cube jack system and 600-tonne climbing jacks.

Very proud!

These ESTA Awards are a valuable recognition for all Wagenborg Nedlift employees, who time and again develop special bespoke solutions for the most diverse heavy lifting and transport challenges. We are very proud!

ESTA Europe

ESTA is the European trade association for the heavy transport, lifting and crane rental sector. ESTA represents the national trade associations in the sector. Every year ESTA Awards are presented for projects that stand out in the field of technical ingenuity, innovation or safety.



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