2 x 500-tonne crane action in Assmannshausen
07 September 2021

2 x 500-tonne crane action in Assmannshausen

Close to the old train station in picturesque Assmannshausen, Germany, experts from Wagenborg Nedlift have installed a 150-tonne element of a pedestrian tunnel. They used two 500-tonne mobile cranes to skilfully place this prefab element.

Manoeuvring in a tight space

The pedestrian tunnel runs under the railway track between Rüdesheim and Koblenz, parallel to the B42 and the Rhine. This track runs straight through Assmannshausen, which meant that there was very little space for the mobile cranes. Getting to the construction site (manoeuvring between the characteristic houses) also required professional steering skills. Assembly of the cranes also presented a challenge: the cranes could only be assembled one after the other and the first crane was required to erect the second crane. In short: an interesting challenge in a tight space.

Tight planning and excellent execution

To block the tracks for the shortest possible time, it was decided to place a prefabricated element measuring more than nine metres on the section directly underneath the track. Both ends will be positioned at a later stage. Good mutual cooperation resulted in an excellent job done to the full satisfaction of all concerned.

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