Seven questions to....  Bert Maathuis, senior project manager international projects

Seven questions to.... Bert Maathuis, senior project manager international projects

BERT MAATHUIS. A well-known name within Wagenborg and beyond. The face behind many transformer projects, including the Vierverlaten project. But who is Bert Maathuis exactly? What drives him and what challenges him as Senior Project Manager International Projects at Wagenborg Nedlift? We talked to him.


What does your Wagenborg career look like so far?

'I have been working for Wagenborg Nedlift for 16 years now. In 2006, I started as a project manager. I completed my education in 1998; first Hydrography at the University of Applied Science and then Civil Technology and Management at the Twente University. My career then started at Smit Salvage in Rotterdam, where I started working as a proposal engineer. After 2 years I was able to make a next step to salvage inspector, a fantastic job in which I was able to see a lot of the world. After this I started as a senior projectmanager at Wagenborg.'

'In particular, the combination between the commercial aspect on the one hand and the operational character on the other. The overall picture makes my job very enjoyable. And I have a lot of freedom and space in my position. The challenge for me is finding potential in certain markets and then improving our network and position in these markets. Fortunately, we have already taken a lot of fine steps in this direction.'


What makes your job fun and challenging?


How did you become the face behind all transformer projects?

Bert laughs and only thinks a second about this: 'This is where I actually rolled in from the start. When I was just hired, a huge transformer project in northern Germany came our way. I picked it up at the time and completed the project succesfully. That’s where the proverbial ball started rolling.'


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'Firstly, the size of the project was quite a challenge: 5 huge transformers had to be transported. The biggest challenge during this project was to ensure that the transhipment went smoothly, because the quayside at KWS could only be used under extremely strict preconditions.'


Watch the project report Transporting five massive transformers to Vierverlaten high-voltage substation


You also managed the Vierverlaten project. What was the biggest challenge in this project?


You speak with great passion about your work, but do you also have passions or hobbies outside of your work?

‘Football! I have been secretary of football association STEVO in Geesteren for 16 years, where I was born and raised.  You can often find me on the football pitch. I am also a member of an athletics club and do regular training on recreation level. I also enjoy running trail races, up to 25 kilometres. I also used to play bass in a band, but I quit playing due to a lack of time.'

'Both privately and professionally, I would like to go abroad more often. I have a list of countries I'd like to visit with my wife, but that's a plan for the future when we can travel as a couple again. In terms of work, I would also love to take on some major new projects abroad.'


What is your view on the future, private and work?


Which countries in the world have you already seen?

We should have asked this question the other way around: which countries haven't you seen? Bert sums up: 'Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, America, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, Brazil, Hawaii, Istanbul and almost all countries in Europe. However, I never get tired of traveling. That really keeps on tingling somewhere inside!'

Bert about Meeden project

Personal profile

Name: Bert Maathuis


Age: 50 jaar


Home situation: Married to Miranda, together they have a son and a daughter


Place of residence: Nijverdal

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