Partnership Breman Machinery B.V. and Wagenborg Nedlift

Partnership Breman Machinery B.V. and Wagenborg Nedlift

A valuable addition to the supply chain. - For many years Wagenborg Nedlift has been a partner of Breman Machinery B.V. in Genemuiden in transporting their end products. A new light was shed on this stable collaboration this autumn: Breman Machinery B.V. manufactures the new modular support system of Wagenborg Nedlift. Together with Michel de Jong (senior project leader Wagenborg Nedlift) we had a conversation with Henk Breman (director Breman Machinery B.V.) and Sander Brouwer (General Manager Construction).

Are your end products mostly transported by water?

“That's right”, Henk Breman agrees. "Our products are loaded here at our factory and continue their journey by water. They are often transshipped in Amsterdam or Rotterdam and from there they travel all over the world. But often we also bring the 'building blocks' of a product to IJmuiden, where we then assemble it into a larger whole, after which it leaves by pontoon or ship. In the latter case, not only transport is important, it also involves logistical-technical and product-technical planning. With this we are always dependent on the entire supply chain: the better all the links in the entire chain are attuned to each other, the more efficient we can work and the more concrete and transparent we can offer our products and services to our customers", Henk Breman explains.

Right outside here at Breman, all end products transported by water must be moved across the dike. This doesn't seem very practical.

"All end products that are transported further by water must indeed cross this so-called 'bump'. This poses an extra challenge during transport work, but in practice we manage to get our end products across the dike, partly thanks to our collaboration with Wagenborg Nedlift. No matter how large and heavy the products are, it works every time without any problems", Henk Breman says. "Still, there are a number of stumbling blocks with regard to transport, which we have addressed and solved in the meantime. For example, we have reinforced the quay and widened the dike access," Sander Brouwer adds. "In these processes Wagenborg Nedlift has played an advisory role, because Wagenborg knows the situation here very well". Henk Breman adds with a smile: "Michel even knows the gradients here". "That's right", Michel de Jong confirms. "Still, before every project, we look at the situation again because every object is different. We must remain strict in this respect".

How do you see Wagenborg Nedlift as a partner for heavy transport and lifting?

"What we really appreciate is having one permanent contact person, in our case Michel. That creates a connection and a bond and guarantees quick communication. In addition, Wagenborg is a reliable and honest party. A deal is a deal. Clear and transparent", Brouwer answers. "And because Michel knows the situation here so well, we also know that we won't be faced with any surprises," Breman adds.

Recently Breman Machinery B.V. started building the modular support system of Wagenborg Nedlift. What is the challenge for you in this project?

"Manufacturing the modular support system is not about mass or volume, but about small parts in particular. The core competencies of Breman Machinery B.V. are very nicely demonstrated. Very precise work, precise welding and machining and neat preservation. We are good at this and we can do all this under one roof. We manage the entire process ourselves."

With the start of the production of the modular support system Wagenborg Nedlift is not only a supplier but has also become a customer. Has this changed the partnership?

"It certainly contributes to even more transparent cooperation between Wagenborg and Breman Machinery B.V.", Breman responds. "This brings me back to the importance of a strong and transparent cooperation and being perfectly attuned to each other. Together we form a strong part of the supply chain and that is becoming increasingly important!". 

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