New: ‘modular support system’ Wagenborg Nedlift
14 January 2020

New: ‘modular support system’ Wagenborg Nedlift

In the coming years, major maintenance will be carried out on both the infrastructure in the Netherlands and Germany. This involves replacing a large number of bridges, locks, flood defences and tunnels. Wagenborg offers its customers a wide range of smart solutions for the transport of large, heavy parts. To be even more creative Wagenborg Nedlift introduces its new ‘modular support system’.

Ultra-strong, linkable and universally usable

This autumn we started manufacturing the new modular support system. An ideal and unique acquisition that will benefit a large number of projects of Wagenborg Nedlift and its customers. This brand new type of equipment is manufactured by Breman Machinery B.V. in Genemuiden, a Lloyd's Approved Manufacturer. The system is ultra strong, modular (linkable), easy to build and universally usable. For example, it offers a solution when transporting and placing large bridges. The system (or parts of it) can also be used as a slant system, support or as a portal with gantry beams and strand jacks on top.


Thijs Nieuwenhuis, Head of Engineering at Wagenborg Engineering explains: "you could see the modular support system as a new box of Meccano parts. The system is easy to link with other equipment, such as gantry beams, modular axle lines, etc.". The system is developed to be delivered largely pre-assembled. The parts are connected on the construction site, using a number of pins. Simple, time-saving and also safe!

Modular Support System

Safety guaranteed

The system is fully engineered and manufactured according to the strict Eurocode and Lloyd's standards. Only materials from Lloyd's approved suppliers are used for manufacturing. Because the system is of high quality (minimal deviations), it can be used for both onshore and offshore applications. An important added value for the projects of our customers.

    • Safe, stable, strong and easy to set up
    • 100% modular composition in various configurations and sizes
    • To be placed on SPMT, carriage system, pontoon and at ground level
    • Capacity: 1,000 tonnes per tower
    • Lloyd's certified

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