Lock Eefde

Lock Eefde

In January 2012, a lock gate weighing 90 tonnes of the lock in the picturesque village of Eefde (NL) fell down. As a result, the only access from the river IJssel to the Twentekanaal was blocked and 40 inland navigation vessels could no longer leave the Twentekanaal. A major problem for inland navigation and shippers in the Twente region, who could no longer ship their cargo.

In need of a quick solution

The situation called for a quick solution. First, an inspection of the lock gate was carried out. It revealed that the lock itself was virtually undamaged. However, the operating mechanism was destroyed by the fall.


In collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and the main contractor for the repair work, Wagenborg Engineering developed a solution to temporarily operate the lock gate. This solution had to be operational within 3 weeks. 

Solution in two parts

To get the lock back into (temporary) operation as soon as possible, they came up with a two-pronged solution.


First of all, a 400-tonne crawler crane could be used to move the lock gate up and down.


In addition, a method to secure the lock gate during the lifting operation using thick steel pins was developed. In the unlikely event of a problem with the crane during a lock gate hoisting operation, the lock gate could be secured to ensure safe passage of vessels. 

Fifty trucks of equipment

The engineering, development and erection of the large crawler crane and the mast construction took about 2 weeks. More than fifty heavy trucks were needed to supply the necessary equipment.


Watch the project movie here!

Siberian conditions

It was freezing and the Twentekanaal froze. With a solution so close, the vessels that were jammed were now in danger of becoming frozen in the ice.


But Wagenborg wouldn't be Wagenborg if they didn't come up with a solution. The Waterpoort icebreaker of Wagenborg Towage was called in to help make the shipping route in the Twentekanaal passable again.

Solution operational!

After three weeks the time had come: the temporary lifting device at the lock in Eefde was put into operation. The employees of Wagenborg Nedlift gave the Nautictrans permission to be the first to pass.


Within two days, all jammed vessels were able to leave the Twentekanaal and shipping traffic to the Twente region had started moving again. The lock was operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the temporary lifting construction.


In the meantime, the repairs to the lock building continued and after about 7 weeks lock Eefde was operational as before.

Construction of the second lock chamber at lock Eefde

The construction of the second lock chamber in Eefde started in 2016 and it became operational in 2019. 

Animation of the work on the expansion of lock Eefde


Wagenborg Nedlift was engaged for the hoisting of the mitre gates for the second lock chamber.



Wagenborg Nedlift hoists the mitre gates for the second lock chamber

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