Expansion of gas storage capacity Norg+

Expansion of gas storage capacity Norg+

For decades, gas has been stored in the underground gas storage locations (UGS) in Norg and Grijpskerk in the north of the Netherlands. These gas reserves are intended for extreme winter periods. Due to increasing demand the capacity of the UGS location Norg required expansion. Under the name Norg+, this project was started in 2011 and completed at the end of 2014.

Complete logistics

Wagenborg Nedlift was responsible for the complete logistic services at Norg+: from supplying cranes and transport equipment to organising storage, logistics and project management. During the peak period no fewer than 22 Wagenborg Nedlift cranes were working at the project site, unloading the many trucks and assisting with construction work.

Heavy guys in action

Previously, Wagenborg's largest cranes, including the 750-tonne crawler crane LR1750, were used to place new compressors including equipment, cooling benches, adsorbers and various columns at the UGS site. Moreover, to drill to new wells, the T-700 drilling rig was moved twice to and from the UGS site in collaboration with our sister company Wagenborg Foxdrill.


In addition, cranes of all capacities were used to assist with the installation of modules, large quantities of concrete foundation blocks, pipes, wells, valves, etc.

Permanent project team

To coordinate the hoisting and transport work and to ensure safety, a Wagenborg Nedlift project team was permanently present on site. In addition, together with clients NAM and GLT+, the Person In Charge (PIC) concept was implemented. The PIC was the single point of contact for all lifting activities. This created a clear overview of the various activities and resulted in a high degree of efficiency with respect to the deployment of equipment, personnel and work planning.


More importantly: the use of PICs significantly increased security at the site. Safety toolbox meetings were organised on a daily basis and start-up work meetings were held with all operational stakeholders before the start of each project, the main objective of which was: Zero incidents.


Mobile towercranes

Mobile tower cranes were frequently used during construction work. These cranes have a long reach, making it possible to reach a large part of an installation with a single crane operation. This prevented cranes from having to be moved unnecessarily often, making delays or unwanted transport movements a thing of the past. A safe and efficient solution!

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About Norg+

Between 2011 and 2015, NAM expanded the storage at Norg. The expansion allows for more natural gas to be stored. This is important to meet the high and at times fluctuating demand for natural gas, which is increasingly required. 


GLT-PLUS is the consortium that combines specialities specifically for such projects, in particular for NAM. From engineering, organisation, management, execution to maintenance and groundbreaking innovations: GLT-PLUS takes it on and delivers the complete above-ground installation to NAM. 

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