Wagenborg Nedlift: ESTA winner for the sixth year in a row!
12 April 2019

Wagenborg Nedlift: ESTA winner for the sixth year in a row!

For the sixth year in a row, Wagenborg Nedlift has won an ESTA award!

Yesterday evening in München, during ‘ESTA’s Users Night 2019’, the ESTA jury announced the winners. Wagenborg Nedlift was awarded in the category ‘Innovation/Development’ for the project ‘OCC The Hague’, where an innovative and practical solution was developed in cooperation with Bomecon Construction Equipment.  

Installation of iconic façade columns Education and Culture Complex 

Since 2017, the construction consortium Cadanz is working hard in the city center of the Hague on the OCC (Onderwijs- en Cultuurcomplex): the new Education and Culture Complex. Wagenborg Nedlift provides lifting services for Cadanz and was requested to offer a solution for positioning the 50 (!) extraordinary designed facade columns.


Because of the thickness and the relatively low reinforcement inside the columns, it was impossible to bring the columns in an upright position with a normal lifting operation. Therefore, Wagenborg Nedlift asked Bomecon Construction Equipment to cooperate on the design and development of a special lifting frame. 


This cooperation resulted in a safe and practical lifting frame construction, suitable for safe lifting operations of the facade columns with various dimensions and weights. 



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