Two brand new Palfinger knuckleboom cranes for Wagenborg Nedlift!
29 June 2020

Two brand new Palfinger knuckleboom cranes for Wagenborg Nedlift!

Last Friday: a festive moment for Wagenborg Nedlift and Palfinger Nederland. The keys of the first two brand new knuckleboom cranes have been handed over. Number three will follow later on. It is all about the Palfinger PK 92002-SH.

The cranes are mounted on Scania R500 8x2*6 trucks. A special type of heavy duty combination vehicle that enables work to be carried out even on extremely tight and difficult to reach locations, thanks to its very compact dimensions.

Knuckleboom crane Palfinger

Feature-rich machines

The cranes have a hydraulic reach of 18 metres, which can be extended to no less than 30.4 metres by using a telescopic fly-jib. Thanks to the P-Fold system, the cranes can be folded and unfolded quickly and easily. Furthermore, the cranes are equipped with a 3.5 tonne hydraulic hoist. In addition, the cranes are fitted with an SRC system, which ensures that the load under the end disc always remains in exactly the same position during lifting operations. Because the machines have an extra outrigger, a 100% load capacity schedule can be realized within the total operating range of 360°.

Equipped with a two-person man basket

The new knuckleboom cranes are fitted with a two-person man basket, obviously equipped with all the required safety devices and emergency control. It is fully EN280 approved. Since the Dutch government has amended the 'Working Conditions Decree 7.23D on man baskets' (‘Arbobesluit 7.23D werkbakken’) with effect from 1 July 2020, Wagenborg Nedlift's new knuckleboom cranes are a great solution when it comes to performing work with an articulated telescopic boom. 


Another major advantage of this new type of knuckleboom crane is the fact that these cranes can be fully electrically operated for both lifting and boom lift jobs. The cranes are equipped with a (demountable) electro-hydraulic power pack, powered by 3-phase power.


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