Transport of ship sections
02 November 2020

Transport of ship sections

At shipyard Ferus Smit BV in Westerbroek (NL), the ship construction team has worked hard on two ring sections on behalf of the first of two new DF tankers for shipping company Erik Thun AB from Sweden. Last week the sections were transported to the shipyard in Leer where they will be combined with the other sections that have been constructed there.

Sisters in action

The crew of Wagenborg Nedlift and Wagenborg Towage took care of safe transport of the two ring sections, each weighing around 180 tons. Two sets of 6 axle lines SPMT (Self Propelled Modular Trailers) were used to carefully transport the sections from the construction hall towards the quay, where Wagenborg Barge 1 of the Wagenborg Towage colleagues was waiting.

To trade places

The sections were then transported onto barge with the SPMTs and Wagenborg Towage Service carried out the water transport to Leer. There it was Wagenborg Nedlift's turn to disembark the sections.


An excellent collaboration of the Wagenborg sister companies!



The new ship will be further completed at Ferus Smit's yard in Leer and delivered in the spring of 2021.

Watch the project pictures here!

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