Transformer cabins for Vierverlaten
19 March 2021

Transformer cabins for Vierverlaten

The new Eemshaven - Vierverlaten high-voltage line will see a major expansion of the Vierverlaten high-voltage substation. Six giant transformers will be installed later this year, but first the transformer fields and other installations will be constructed. A transformer cabin housing all the control technology is also being installed at each field.

Substantial transformer cabins

Well, cabin; more like a house! The transformer cabins for Vierverlaten measure 4.60 metres wide and 3.80 metres high, and weigh 48 tonnes each. A special low loader was required for the transport from Mioteq's production site in Bedum to Vierverlaten, which took place at night. 


A total of 10 transformer cabins were transported to Vierverlaten. Once they had arrived at the location, in 9 out of 10 cases the transformer cabins were unloaded and put on their foundation using a mobile crane.

10th cabin

The 10th cabin, however, presented a special challenge: the location for this cabin was exactly under an existing high-voltage line. Using a mobile crane to put the cabin on its foundation was not an option because, due to the required lifting height, the mast of the crane would come too close to the high-voltage lines.


Now what? 

Jacking, skidding and lifting

Fortunately, the lifting and transport specialists from Wagenborg Nedlift are extremely resourceful. They came up with a solution using skidding and jacking technology and a lifting gantry to get the job done. The low loader carrying the cabin was driven next to the foundation.


Using climbing jacks, the cabin was raised so that the low loader could be moved away, after which it was once again lowered to the height at which the lifting gantry could take over the cabin. From there it went slowly sideways towards the foundation. When it arrived at the right position, the cabin was placed onto the foundation with millimetre precision.

Watch the project pictures here!

Collaboration Mioteq and Wagenborg Nedlift

Project Vierverlaten is one of the many cooperation projects between Mioteq and Wagenborg Nedlift.


"Denny Koops (work planner at Wagenborg Nedlift) is our permanent contact person for the placement of our stations. He knows exactly how we work and what is needed to properly execute our projects. Denny and I only need a few words to communicate, we can trust 100% that everything will be fine", says Tim Mioch, director of Mioteq.


About Mioteq

Mioteq supplies tailored stations that are safe, conditioned and prefabricated, if desired including technical installation. The stations are often elements of the national electricity, gas, telecommunications network and for other measurement and control systems such as the rail network and water purification. MIOTEQ works with sustainable and high-quality products. Moreover, the station is manufactured in accordance with Eurocode 2. Mioteq staff are VCA VOL certified and in possession of DVP.

About Tennet – Project Eemshaven-Vierverlaten

A new 380 kV high-voltage line is under construction between Eemshaven and Vierverlaten. The connection will provide increased electricity transmission capacity from the large-scale power generation site at Eemshaven to Groningen and the national and international main grid.


Project Eemshaven - Vierverlaten


Project layout of project Eemshaven - Vierverlaten

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