Third railway bridge deck in the hook
12 March 2019

Third railway bridge deck in the hook

While most people were asleep in their beds, the crew of Wagenborg Nedlift and main contractor Gebr. Reimert were very busy during a mid-February night. Scheduled for that night was the installation of the third railway bridge deck for the railway improvement project ‘Station Haren verbindt’ in the town of Haren, the Netherlands.

Two giant mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of 500 tons each were mobilized to Haren for the lifting operation of the 175 tons railway bridge deck. Prior to this tandem lift operation, extensive engineering, work preparation and project meetings took place. The crane positions for both cranes were a special challenge, due to the fact that a special support construction had to be developed and constructed for a safe crane positioning. Furthermore, support beams were positioned underneath the bridge deck, in order to attach the lifting slings in a safe way.  


In perfectly coordinated operation of the two crane operators, the railway deck was lifted onto its foundations. A fine piece of craftsmanship and teamwork! 


Prorail, who takes care of Dutch railway infrastructure management, is responsible for the Haren railway project. For more info, check 


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