Third knuckle boom crane for Wagenborg Nedlift delivered!
18 September 2020

Third knuckle boom crane for Wagenborg Nedlift delivered!

Last week the time had come: the third knuckle boom crane for Wagenborg Nedlift was delivered at the Hengelo location. Regional Manager Jeanet de Jong handed over the keys to drivers Willy Olde Dubbelink and Gerald Heskamp at a safe distance.

New powerhouse

The new powerhouse type PK165.002 TEC 7 is more powerful than the two knuckle boom cranes delivered earlier this year. Its 165 tonne-metre capacity makes it one of the most powerful knuckle boom cranes in the Netherlands!


The new PK165.002 TEC 7 is mounted on a type R500 A8x4NB Scania truck with a spacious, easy-to-enter and neat cabin. This fully air-suspended truck is powered by the clean 500 hp EURO6D engine.

Technical ingenuity

Thanks to the P-Fold system, the crane can be folded and unfolded quickly and easily. Because the new articulating telescopic crane has an extra support leg, a 100% load chart is achieved within the total operating range of 360°. The crane is equipped with a hydraulic fly jib and a hydraulic hoist.

Safe working at height

The new 165-tonne metre knuckle boom crane is also equipped with a two-person man basket, obviously fitted with all the necessary safety devices and emergency controls. It fully complies with the EN280 standard.


Just like its two 92-tonne metre brothers, the new 165-tonne metre knuckle boom crane can also be used fully electrically in both hoisting and boom lift functions. All Wagenborg Nedlift knuckle boom cranes are equipped with a (demountable) electro-hydraulic power pack, making it perfectly possible to operate on construction site power.


Since the significant amendments to the  'Working Conditions Decree 7.23D on man baskets' entered into force on 1 July 2020, Wagenborg Nedlift's newly knuckle boom cranes are a great solution when it comes to performing work with an articulated telescopic boom.



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