Sustainable eye-catcher positioned
08 December 2020

Sustainable eye-catcher positioned

The Marconi Buitendijks project connects the Delfzijl city centre with the Wadden Sea. Silt and sand are used to create salt marshes off the Delfzijl coast, and the sea dike is being converted to a boulevard for walking and biking. A new, striking bridge connects the city with the boulevard.

Planning turned upside down

Originally, the whole new bridge, with a length of 38 meters and a width of 6.8 meters, was to be delivered by the client by truck from the south of Germany. However, shortly before the placement due date, it became clear that the necessary transport licences had not been granted. This jeopardized both the planning for the placement of the bridge and the continuation of the project.

Sisterly collaboration

Good advice was invaluable! Team Wagenborg Nedlift reviewed possible alternatives to get the bridge to the Netherlands in time. The solution that offered itself was to transport it in parts: this did not require any special licences and the transport could take place without upheavals. Wagenborg Nedlift’s sister company, Wagenborg Stevedoring, is only just around the corner and could feature as the location where the bridge would be assembled. And that’s exactly what happened: one by one, the parts arrived in Delfzijl, where they were assembled to form the complete bridge.


Last week, the big moment finally arrived: the new bridge could be put in place. To achieve this, Wagenborg Nedlift deployed two mobile cranes, one 300-ton and one 400-ton. The bridge was transported in its entirety from Wagenborg Stevedoring to right under the crane hooks. Lifting it into place happened exactly according to plan and many spectators watched the whole undertaking via live stream.

Watch the project pictures here!

Pictures: Aerial Promos

About Marconi Buitendijks

The Marconi Buitendijks project connects the Delfzijl city centre with the Wadden Sea. Off the coast of Delfzijl, salt marshes are created with sand and silt from the local environment. One of the sub-areas is used for research into the natural development of salt marshes.


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