Smart precision work
02 March 2021

Smart precision work

Expansion work on the nitrogen plant in Zuidbroek, Groningen, is in full swing. The nitrogen plant processes imported gas for the Dutch network. The planned expansion is expected to be completed in 2022.

Slug catcher

Due to the capacity expansion of the nitrogen plant, the injection capacity of the nearby nitrogen cavern in Heiligerlee will also be increased. For this purpose, the pipe system has been adapted on site and a slug catcher (moisture trap) has been installed to trap the moisture transported in the nitrogen pipeline. 


The slug catcher was a heavyweight, weighing no less than 146 tonnes.


A nice challenge for the lifting and transport specialists from Wagenborg Nedlift, who came up with a plan to transport the colossus from the Renselkade in Winschoten to the cavern in Heiligerlee and place it on foundation there.

Road widened

The intended transport route from Winschoten to Heiligerlee was not entirely suitable for transporting the colossus. The transport specialists accurately mapped out the route, therefore.


The bottlenecks were resolved by widening the bends in the narrow road to the cavern with road plates and by pruning a few trees because of the height of the transport combination. 


The transport challenge had been solved, only installation on the foundation remained. Those foundations caused the Wagenborg Nedlift team some headaches, since all foundations for the modification of the plant were already in place at the project site.


Furthermore, concrete foundation blocks had already been placed at the intended position of the 700-tonne mobile crane, which was to place the slug catcher on its foundation. Now what?

Trying to figure it out

Fortunately, the Wagenborg Nedlift team is very resourceful and came up with a handy and safe solution for this particular challenge. A raised platform of 40 centimetres was constructed between the concrete foundation blocks, using jacking beams and dragline mats.

8-metre steel ramps were placed on top of this to stabilise the crane. These ramps were certainly strong enough for the crane's outriggers and fitted exactly between the existing concrete foundation blocks.


A smart precision work solution by the Wagenborg Nedlift team!

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