Sliding a 1700 ton colossus in Sprendlingen
06 August 2020

Sliding a 1700 ton colossus in Sprendlingen

In 1870 the railway between Bingen and Worms became operational. The railway underpass to the town of Sprendlingen was also built at that time.

Narrow passage

The obsolete and very narrow passage was in dire need of replacement.

1,700 tons colossus

The new passage construction for the new and wider access road to Sprendlingen has been built next to the existing railway line. A colossus of over 1,700 tons of reinforced concrete! To get it in place, the jacking and sliding specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift took action.

Skidding system developed

Using the skidding system developed by Wagenborg Engineering, the viaduct was shifted over a distance of 30 meters in six hours to its final position in the railway track.

Watch the timelapse movie and pictures here!

Rail traffic resumed

After a track closure of less than a week, rail traffic will be resumed. Construction works on the access roads will take some more time.

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