Safety at work – it’s vital!
11 May 2021

Safety at work – it’s vital!

Coming home with your lunch box in hand. Every single day. This is only possible if there are Zero Accidents. That is Wagenborg Nedlift’s goal when it comes to safety at work.

Safety awareness and behaviour

One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is the promotion of safety awareness and safe behaviour at all levels of the organisation. It is important to always be aware of risks and to adapt your behaviour as necessary. And this is becoming more and more important because working conditions are becoming increasingly complex: projects are getting bigger and more complicated, construction sites smaller and more constricted, with more and more parties active on a site.

Safety campaign

Safety and safety awareness start with communication. That’s why the HSEQ team at Wagenborg Nedlift recently launched a new safety campaign: Veilig werken, broodnodig! (Safety at work – it’s vital!).


The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to talk about safety in a positive, open and accessible way, in direct contact with employees.

Safety at work – it’s vital!

All of Wagenborg Nedlift’s operational employees receive a filled lunch box with the text ‘Veilig werken, broodnodig!’ (Safety at work – it’s vital!). Bertwill Mulder (HSEQ manager) and his colleague Jeffrey Poort are personally handing the lunch boxes out at the work sites. They immediately start a conversation with the employees about safety when they do so.

Focus on safety awareness

The ‘Veilig werken, broodnodig!’ campaign is part of Wagenborg Nedlift’s updated safety policy, which sees communication as the keyword. Among other initiatives, a new safety app is being launched, which will make it possible to file and process reports in a fast and convenient way. In addition, there is an incentive to submit suggestions for improvement, and project evaluations are being done on a structural basis.  With its new safety policy, Wagenborg Nedlift is also working on its Step 3 certification for the Safety Culture Ladder.


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