Pressure vessel on its way to Germany
19 May 2020

Pressure vessel on its way to Germany

Wagenborg Nedlift recently transported a pressure vessel, weighing 138 tons, to Germany. A Wagenborg worthy challenge!

The pressure vessel, measuring 12,8 meters long, was first transported by modular trailers. Hereafter, it was loaded onto a drive-in pontoon by a RoRo-operation. After water transport, a 400- and 500-tons mobile crane lifted the enormous pressure vessel from pontoon and positioned it upon modular trailers again. An impressive tandem lift! After transshipment, the last part of the journey to the final destination could begin.

Tandem lift

Temporary storage

For now, the pressure vessel is temporarily stored, until the start of the new maintenance period. By then, Wagenborg Nedlift will deploy a crawler crane to position the pressure vessel upon foundation.

A to Z project

A nice A to Z project, in which good time management and efficient communication were very important.

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