Precision work
18 March 2019

Precision work

A new deep-sea quay is being built for a new storage terminal which is under construction on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam (NL).

So-called MV piles, heavy steel anchoring piles that can absorb a force of over 900 tonnes, are used for the foundation of the quay. The MV piles are installed using a special MV-rig that moves along a prepared track. Its weight of 253 tonnes and a 70-metre leader make the MV-rig a huge installation. Moving this giant to a new track therefore was no easy task, even though the distance to be covered was only 110 centimetres. SPMTs (Self-propelled Modular Trailers), which are suitable for moving ultra-heavy loads, offered a solution. 


The right transport configuration was created by positioning SPMTs in a 12 axle lines configuration under the heavy part of the MV-rig and a 6 axle lines configuration under the lighter part, equipped with 2 Power Pack Units. Using the SPMT hydraulic system, the MV-rig was pushed up off the ground. Then the entire structure was rolled forward. At the position of the new track, 110 centimetres further, the SPMT axles turned 90 degrees to allow for lateral movement.  At the instruction of his fellow specialist, the Wagenborg operator manoeuvred the entire structure above the new track, using the trailer hydraulics to lower the MV-rig onto its new track.  


Truly a piece of craftsmanship! 


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