New skidding record for Wagenborg Nedlift!
27 November 2020

New skidding record for Wagenborg Nedlift!

Last weekend, Wagenborg Nedlift’s team of skidding specialists moved a railway viaduct of 2000(!) tons onto foundation on behalf of the new road B481n in Münster, Germany.

2000 tons colossus

The new railway viaduct was constructed on a construction site next to the railway. During a short railway closure in the weekend, the colossuswas moved to its final position over a distance of 45 meters by Wagenborg Nedlift’s skidding team. 

45 meters is quite far...

Up to the last moment, it was a rather exciting operation because of the tight time frame of the railway closure. As civil construction works got delayed, progress on the skidding operation was jeopardized. Moving 2000 tons over 45 meters seems quite far then…..


Luckily, the Wagenborg Nedlift team had real staying power. With a practical way of working, flexible attitude and extra efforts of the team on site and behind the scenes, the Wagenborg Nedlift crew managed to complete the skidding operation with a minimum of delay.


Again great craftmanship and teamwork and a fine result for this record project!

Watch the project pictures here!

Ring road Münster

The new railway viaduct is part of the extensive road project Ring road South-West/ Süd-Ost-Umgehung. 

More information on this project: Süd-Ost-Umgehung Münster


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