Mini and maxi in action together
08 January 2021

Mini and maxi in action together

The new CIP building at Friesland Campina in Gerkesklooster is being constructed in the gap between existing buildings and pipe bridges. This means that the available space is extremely limited, as is the height for lifting the prefab walls of the new building into place. A welcome challenge for the lifting specialists at Wagenborg Nedlift!

An inventive solution

It was possible to place many of the walls (each one weighing up to 12 tonnes) on the foundation using the 300-tonne mobile crane, which was set up outside the building. However, it was not possible to install the walls under the pipe bridges in this way. So the Wagenborg Nedlift team came up with an inventive solution that utilised the Palfinger mini crane.

Mini and maxi

First, the mini crane was placed between the buildings on the work site with the aid of the 300-tonner. Once this was set up, work was able to continue by coordinating the mini and maxi cranes. The 300-tonner lifted a prefab component into the new construction, then the mini crane took over, manoeuvring it under the pipe bridge and onto the foundation. With less than 50 centimetres of available lifting height, this was truly a precision task for the operator!

Safe and efficient

Thanks to this solution, which proved both inventive and efficient, it was possible to safely install the prefab walls without falling behind schedule – which made for a happy client.


A nice achievement by the Wagenborg Nedlift team!

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